Costa Rica Beach House Vacation Rental Guide

Costa Rica Beach House Rentals

Have you been planning and saving for the dream beach vacation in a tropical locale? Has Costa Rica been on your bucket list forever? Of course, you know about Costa Rica’s spectacular beaches. But what about the volcanoes and rainforest and all the adventure the national parks offer to visitors and tourists. No visit to Costa Rica could be complete without … Read More

Where Will You Vacation When Covid-19 Is Gone?

Costa Rica Covid 19

Covid-19 has caused a crippling economic crisis for many, now and most likely months into the future. The beauty of the situation is that it won’t last forever.  We will be able to travel again, we will be able to experience beautiful places again. However, in order to keep these places beautiful other countries depend upon us.  Vacation In Costa … Read More

Costa Rica Is A Trending Vacation Spot for Families & Groups

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Costa Rica

In 2019 more than 3 million people visited Costa Rica.  Of those 3 million, 1.3 million came from the US according to The Tico Times. Now, having an AirBNB beach house on Hermosa Beach, we know first hand why so many people go to Costa Rica and keep going back. So why do we love Costa Rica so much? Playa … Read More