Where Will You Vacation When Covid-19 Is Gone?

Costa Rica Covid 19

Covid-19 has caused a crippling economic crisis for many, now and most likely months into the future. The beauty of the situation is that it won’t last forever. 

We will be able to travel again, we will be able to experience beautiful places again. However, in order to keep these places beautiful other countries depend upon us. 

Vacation In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one among many countries who will be hit hard. Tourism is a huge economic driver and accounts for 9% of the nation’s jobs. 

Covid-19 just so happened to pop up during high season, which could lead to $600 million a month lost. Costa Ricans are begging tourists who already have trips planned to postpone instead of cancel. 

If you are considering a place to tie the knot or enjoy calm, honeymoon vibes Playa Hermosa in the Guanacaste Province is a perfect option. 

Stay In The Beach House Hermosa

Amazing Costa Rica Rentals is a trusted family owned rental company that is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They have two beach houses, side by side, with a pool out back, a picket white fence surrounding, and the ocean just a couple steps away located on Playa Hermosa. 

The houses can accommodate up to 18 guests, or only 2 if you’re just trying to enjoy the tranquil setting with your honey. They have experienced many cancellations because of these trying times. 

Not only does it affect them, but it really hurts the Costa Ricans they’ve employed to help with concierge needs, setting up activities and tours, and simply being there for guests’ daily needs. 

 As hard as the times are at this present moment, we can all band together and make the future better and brighter. Consider Costa Rica for your next rendezvous. It is a beautiful country that will provide nothing less than the opportunity of amazing new beginnings!

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